For John, the first day of school isn’t the same as for the other kids whose parents accompany them and arrange everything. The young boy’s only support is his 11-year-old brother Mika. He turns up unexpectedly with somewhat clinical “instructions for school” to help John overcome the challenges he’ll face in the coming years. Carefree childhood is ending and adult responsibilities are rushing in too fast. Schoolyard Blues ushers us into an environment where kids become little adults, and their world is much crueler and more complicated than we could ever imagine.


  1. 1人工性智能 6.0
  2. 2花芯 7.0
  3. 3思春少妇 2.0
  4. 4人间中毒 7.0
  5. 5你好,李焕英 6.0
  6. 6食物链 3.0
  7. 7唐人街探案3 6.8
  8. 8潘金莲 7.0
  9. 9一生一世 5.0
  10. 10苹果 韩国版 10.0